How to get rid of a bad sign at your home

A sign that says, “You’re not welcome here!” at a home in central France, or a “No Dogs” sign at a hotel, are not good signs for your visitors.

Instead, they should remind visitors that they’re welcome to stay in the area.

It’s common for French owners to keep signs outside of their homes.

However, a sign that tells visitors that the area is a dog-friendly area should not be a sign to stay put.

Learn about how to change your sign.

It is also important to check signs that say, “Welcome!” and “Leave no trace.”

It may seem odd to leave no trace in your yard or a backyard, but a sign warning of “no pets” can be helpful to the visitors who might have lost their pets in the past.

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What should you do if you find signs that are not welcome?

You should take a picture and post it on your blog or social media account.

You may also contact the area’s police or your local town hall and ask if it is possible to move the signs outside.

You can also write a letter to the area municipality or to the French Consulate to inform them of the signs that have been posted.

If you live in a building, you can report signs to the building’s manager or a local municipality.

What to do if the signs are not visible or are not properly explained?

The signs should be removed.

If the signs do not clearly state the area in which they are posted, they can be left there.

If there is no sign that you can see or read, take the sign down.

If no signs have been removed, ask the area authority or town hall to move them outside.

The sign should be displayed on a public street or on a signboard.

For a better understanding of how to take care of signs, check out the section on Care for Signs.

How do I remove a sign?

Follow the directions in the “Removing a sign” section above.

You might want to remove the sign if: You are in a car with a dog or cats.