A little love for the Villas, and the Raiders

In the early days of the new Raiders stadium, the team’s owners wanted to build a new, brand-new stadium on the site of the old Raiders stadium.

It was in that context that Raiders fans and their new team owner wanted to get a little bit of love.

They were, in a sense, asking the city of Oakland to give the Raiders a brand-spanking new stadium to play in.

The plan was to open a new stadium in the former site of Candlestick Park, but Oakland officials would never agree to the $3 billion proposal.

The Raiders’ lease with the city was due to expire in 2021, so it was the perfect opportunity to move the team to the desert.

And then the Raiders’ owners got cold feet.

The owners refused to give up the rights to the Candlestank site, so in a deal brokered by the Raiders and Raiders-owned real estate firm Alamo Partners, the city agreed to lease the site back to the team for a year.

That year, the Raiders signed a new 10-year deal worth $1.5 billion.

In that time, they would play in a brand new stadium.

And now the Raiders have another chance to play at Candlestik for a little while longer.

The team has an option to renew the lease, but the Raiders are hoping the team will stay in Oakland longer.

“The lease is not expired, and we would like to stay in the city longer,” Raiders president Mark Davis said.

“We feel like there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done on that.”

The Raiders have been planning to play there for years.

The team has played there since 1982, and has played five games there in the last 13 years.

The team is playing in a new $1 billion stadium in Oakland, but some fans still don’t like it.

Some have been calling for the Raiders to stay longer at Candlemick.

The Raiders plan to stay at Candelwood for a while longer than the team is currently planning to stay.

The Oakland Raiders have their sights set on building a new domed stadium at Candlencote.

The plan is to build the stadium and sell it to the public for a massive amount of money, but this is still under discussion.

The owners also want the Raiders back at Candleville, and have not ruled out the possibility of the team returning there in 2019.