A woman’s search for a perfect villa

A woman in her 30s and an ex-convict living in her mother’s house in the Bronx has come up with an ingenious solution to a problem that has plagued her family for years: building their own villas in their backyards.

The solution is not the simplest but it works, and the women say they have built their own apartments in about a month.

“It’s not a simple idea, but it’s working, especially because my daughter and I are young,” said the woman, who declined to give her name for fear of retaliation from her ex-partner.

“I can see the value of building a house.”

A couple years ago, when the couple was both out of work, the woman was living in an apartment in the Village at Bayonne, the borough’s newest residential neighborhood, a short walk from her daughter’s school.

The woman and her husband, a retired engineer, were not able to afford to rent the space out, so they turned to the community for help.

They found an apartment building company called the Vantage Group, which rents apartment complexes and houses in the Brooklyn-Battery Park area.

Vantage rents buildings for up to $2,000 a month, but can be expensive, with the company charging more than $20,000 for a studio or 1,400-square-foot apartment.

The women’s plan is simple: They have been building a new house for the past year, starting with the two-bedroom unit in their own backyard.

They had initially built a small house, but that proved too small.

They needed a larger home with an attic, and a bigger backyard with a backyard porch, they said.

The new house will have a lot more space for the backyard.

It will also include a balcony, an entryway and two bedrooms, which are located in a new garage and a smaller one that will also house a garage door.

The women say the cost savings will come in the form of reduced maintenance and other costs.

The men are excited to see the project through, and they are even more excited about the money.

“We are so happy to see this happen,” said one.

“It’s been a struggle for us, but now we can live comfortably.”

For the past two years, the women and their son, who is also working as a contractor, have been working on the project, hoping to create the best possible home.

They have rented the space for $2.2 million, but they are now looking to recoup some of that money through a private mortgage on their home.

But they said the project will not be financially viable unless they are able to sell the property and pay off their debt.

“I’m still going to pay it off,” the woman said.

“This is not about money.

We’re doing it for the kids, for the grandchildren.”

The couple says they plan to build a smaller house in a nearby park.

They are also working on an affordable housing project in the area, and hope to eventually build a larger house in their backyard.

They have not decided on a name yet, but hope to use the same name as the new one they are building.