How to buy a Walmart store in Chile

Chile is a country of extremes.

It has a lot of land and a lot to offer, but it’s also home to a large population of expatriates.

One such expat is Mario Ville Platte, who owns Villa Sorrento Pizza in the Chilean capital of Santiago.

In the restaurant, you can find the famous white-glove, crispy crust pizzas, but you can also find an array of other pizza toppings like salted caramel, fried onions, and spicy sausage.

Ville Platte said he loves the food in Chile, especially because of the cost.

“It’s really cheap, but I think it’s worth it,” Ville told Business Insider.

“I love it here.”

Ville and his partner, Mariano Caceres, opened Villa Pizza in 2013, but they weren’t sure what they were going to do with their little slice of the world.

“We thought, ‘Let’s go to another country,'” Ville said.

Villa Pizza’s owner, Mario Vile Platte of Villa Sorrationo Pizza, has a different idea.

He plans to open a chain of pizza restaurants.

“In Chile, you don’t eat a pizza every day.

You eat a meal every day,” Vile told Business Insider.

Vile’s idea is to start a small pizza shop.

He and Cacere, who live in a different part of Chile, decided to take the leap to open their first store.

Villa Sorrations Pizza, as they call themselves, is a little shop that serves a variety of local and imported foods and pizzas.

But they’re also offering the world’s best pizza.

“The idea is, we want to build a brand, and it’s a dream to open something like this,” Viles said.

Villes first visited Chile to work on his business plan, and he has plans to reopen Villa Pizza soon.

Viles pizza shop is located in Villa Plaza, in the south of Santiago, and is open from 8am to 6pm Monday through Saturday.

But his customers will be able to visit from other hours.

Vigneres family also owns a pizza shop called the Salazar Pizza and Salazar Restaurant in the northern Chilean city of Guayaquil, where they serve local pizzas and pizza sauce.

They also serve pizza in the city’s northern suburbs.

But Ville is the owner of Villa Restaurants, and his vision for his new business is even bigger than his pizza shop in Chile.

He wants to expand the company to include restaurants and stores in more than 30 countries.

“Our goal is to open over 100 stores by 2020,” Villes said.

“To do that, we will need to expand our brand.”

Villes plans to have around 1,000 employees by 2021.

In 2017, Villa Restaurances Pizza and Pizza Sauce opened its first store in Brazil.

Now the company plans to expand that franchise to include other countries.

The new venture is going to be a challenge.

Vix, a 26-year-old woman from France, said she has no idea where Villa Pizza is headed, but she plans to try their pizza for herself.

“If they’re open in other countries, we’ll take it,” she said.

However, Ville also has an idea for his next pizza venture.

“He said that if we opened a restaurant in another country, we would have to open the restaurant in the same place, but we would still have to pay taxes, and we wouldn’t be able buy pizza here,” Velle said.

The business is also in danger.

Villa Restaurance was the target of a robbery in 2018.

The woman who was robbed was working at the restaurant and the owner told her to come and find out what happened.

Villa’s owners plan to sue the man and get compensation from the robbery victims.