How to celebrate the grand opening of villas in La Ville de la Lune

Villas in the Spanish resort of La Villes de laLune opened their doors to the public on Sunday as the city prepares to welcome the arrival of a new generation of luxury hotels.

La Ville is the country’s first and largest hotel, and it was inaugurated in 2012 with the arrival by the former ruler of Spain, Juan Carlos Varela.

It has been a year since the former dictator died, leaving the building and its surroundings to the control of the municipality, and construction is underway on several new hotels.

It was expected that the villas would be fully ready to welcome guests this month, as the municipal building is the main hub for the project, and the main residence for all those who will live and work there.

But the town’s mayor, Juan Luis García, told reporters that he was not sure how long the villa would be open.

The mayor said that the project was not fully in the hands of the local authorities, and that they would only have access to the city council for the first three months of operation.

“The mayor said it would be a couple of weeks before the building could open,” said one local reporter, who requested anonymity.

“But it’s still possible that the city would have to open the building for three months, maybe even a year, and then all the rest of the buildings would be under the control.”

A villa in the La Vile.

Credit: iStockphoto.comVillas in all the new hotels, which were built with the help of a $40 million investment, are set to open to guests by the end of April, but García said he could not say whether there would be any restrictions.

He also said that he did not expect that there would ever be a shortage of hotel rooms, and suggested that the hoteliers might simply have to make some adjustments in order to cater for the new arrivals.

“I don’t think that this will be the case.

It will be a lot of work to build the hotels, and we’re already talking about 800,000 rooms.

That’s a lot,” he said.

“We will have to adapt, and so will we.”

The mayor of Villar del Plata, also known as Villas de la Plata and Villas la Lueva, said that while there would not be any shortage of hotels in the area, he would not say when the villahs would be operational.

“There will be no shortage of rooms, but we are not ready to say when we will be open,” he told the Spanish daily El País.

“In the first months, the rooms will be ready for guests, but there will be some kind of shortage of guests.”

The first of the villashos was completed in February, with another one being planned in the town of Chacao.