Villas to open next year in Miami and San Juan city centers

Miami and the San Juan islands are set to open new villas next year, but the owners say the most important part of the new project is a $5.5 billion renovation of the existing villas.

The Miami-based owners of Villas Maldonado, one of the world’s most famous luxury homes, have completed the $5 billion project to replace the current villas with four new villa-style villas on the island of Puerto Rico.

The renovations are the largest in the Caribbean.

The owners of the villas said they are not the first to bring the villa concept to Puerto Rico, which has struggled to get its buildings built since Hurricane Maria hit the island in September.

It’s not yet clear how the new villae will be built.

The new villes will include four villas in Miami, three on the coast of San Juan and two in the city of Barinas.

The new villanas will be connected by a large green roof, which the owners said will allow the residents to enjoy sunsets on the main beach.

The villas are currently owned by Miami developer D.C. Properties.

The first villas opened last fall in Miami.

They are built in a style similar to those used in luxury resorts around the world.

The Villas Villas project is also expected to be the biggest luxury residential project ever completed in the country.

The Villas villas will house 4,000 guests, a total of about 100,000 square feet of living space, with a maximum capacity of 15,000 people, according to the Miami-Dade Development Corp. (MDDC).

The villa project is being financed by the city’s development agency, the city Planning and Economic Development Corp., which is paying the $2.8 billion price tag.MDDC spokeswoman Lidia Lopez said the villacos will be designed to accommodate guests of all ages.

They will feature two pools, two fireplaces, an outdoor pool and an outdoor kitchen.

The project is expected to bring about $1 billion in revenue to the city.

The villas were built in the 1970s, Lopez said.

The first villa opened in 1986.