What we learned from the villa shoes sale

A villa store in Villa Bella, Italy is now selling shoes made in a villa in Spain.

A small town with just 3,000 people, Villa Bellas shoes have been selling for months at a time at villas around the country, selling for as little as $35 to $100.

According to the villas website, this is the lowest price on the market.

As of March, they had sold over 10,000 pairs.

The store has also launched a “Villa Bella Fashion Show” to highlight the styles.

The company’s founder, Maria Bella-Villa, said she had originally planned to open a shoe store in the villar just outside of town, but her husband suggested the company make a small town in the center of the region.

She said she is now happy to expand the business.

“We’re trying to find a niche, to open up a niche,” she said.

“I think we can do it, and I think it will be good for my business.”

The shoes are made from recycled materials.

They are made with a special fabric called “Villasia” that is recycled, she said, adding that it is also made of “bamboo” from a nearby village.

She added that the villes fabric is not only recycled, but it is manufactured in a special factory, which makes them more durable.

“It’s very different than a normal shoe, it’s made with an incredibly high degree of quality, and the whole factory is in a very, very special location.

It’s not in the normal way of making shoes,” she added.

In the U.S., Villa Beldas shoes are available online.

The villas owner, Maria, told the Daily News she hopes to open her own shoe store later this year.

She told the newspaper that the brand was already sold out at her store, but is now open for business again.

“You can’t go to a shoe shop and not see some beautiful, handmade, handmade shoes that you’ve bought,” she told the paper.

“So, I’m hoping to open my own shop.”

A similar store in Spain was also opened in 2013.