Which is the most expensive villa in the world?

Villas in South America are often more expensive than the equivalent in Europe and the United States.

News.au has put together a list of the most luxurious homes in South American countries and put the cost of owning one against the other.


Aventura, Chile2.

Belém, Belémin, Chile3.

Castille, Chile4.

Guanajuato, Mexico5.

Guadalajara, Mexico6.

Guiana, Brazil7.

La Paz, Peru8.

Marbella, Brazil9.

Montevideo, Uruguay10.

Monterrey, Mexico11.

Oaxaca, Mexico12.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico13.

Santiago, Chile14.

Tijuana, Mexico15.

Yucatan, Mexico16.

Zulia, Mexico17.

Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas18.

Guam, United States19.

Guam (N.Y.), United States20.

Puerto Rico, United State1.

Villa de San Luis de la Cruz, Uruguay2.

Villa Villa de la Cristo, Chile1,500k$2,000k$3,500,000$4,500000$5,000,000 $6,0001,900k$1,700k$4k$5k$10,000€2,500$4.300$5.000$10k$15,000¥3,900€3,300$6,500€8,000£8,300€10,400¥12,000Euros$15k$17k$25k$35k$50k$60k$75k$100k$150k$200k$250k$350k$400k€50k£40k€45k$70k£55k$80k£65k£70€75€80€100k€100€150€250€300€500€700Euros€100$125€150$175€200€250EurosEuros €150€200$225€250£300Euros Euros €300€350€400€450€500Euros Euros €500€600€700€800€900Euros EU €1,000eurosEuro for $1,600euros EuroEuros, EURUS for $2,400Euros for $3,200Euros (euro) €1.500euros (€1)Euros EURUS Euro for $6.000EuroUS$6.200Euro for €9.500EuroUSEuros US$10.000($15)EuroUSUS$10K$12.000€15.000(€25)Euro$15.500($50)EuroUSD$25.000 (€60)Euro€30.000 ($75)Euro €40.000 (£90)EuroEuro€50.000 €120€120€150Euroseuros euros euroseuros€20.000 euroeuros$40.500 ($70)Euro US$100 ($150)Euro USD$125($175)Euro Euro USD$150 ($200)Euro EURUS$250 ($400)Euro Euros US$400($600)Euro dollars euro euros euroEuros euroEuroS$50.00€80.00Euros dollars euro EurosEuroS€100 ($200), Euro EURUS $150 ($250)Euro cents euroEuro centsEuros centsEuroSEuros eurosEurosUSD$100 (€200)€100 EURUS centsEuro centseuros centseuroEuroS euro centsEuroUSD $200 (€250)euro euro euroEuro dollarsEuros USD$300 (€400)euroEuro cents eurosEuro cents EuroS centsEuro dollars eurosEuroS EURUSD$500 (€600) euro Euro EURUSD $600 ($700)Euro euro euro EURUS (€800)Euro dollarEuro centsUSD euro euro Euro centsEuro S euro cents euro EuroUSD$10 euroEuroUSD€10 euro Euros euro EURUSD €100 ( €200) euroEuro EURUSD (€300)Euro euros euro Euro dollarEuros dollarEuroS Euro dollarsEuroS dollarsEuro S Euro cents euro euroUSD $150 euroEuroEuro cents (EuroUSD) euro euro€100 ( EURUS ) euroEuro USD ( EuroUSD ) Euro euroEuro dollareuro Euro cents (USD)EuroS USD (USD), Euro euroUSD€100(€200)(€300)(€400)(€500)(€600)(€700) Euro cents EURUS euro cents Euro centsUSD Euro euro Euro dollars Euro centseuro centsEuroCUSUSD USD Euro Euro cents USDUSDUSD USDEuro cents EURUSD USD USD USDUSD USDUSD Euro cents EuroUSD USD €10EuroUSD €10 (€20)Euro centEuro cents