Disney is getting ready to create a new theme park: A Disney Treehouse movie

In January, Walt Disney Co. unveiled a $300 million plan to build a brand new theme parks in China and the United States.

The plan included a massive Hollywood-style film set, a massive indoor park, and a new outdoor theme park in each country.

The Hollywood-themed park, dubbed Disney Treehouses, will be in the Hollywood Hills and the Universal Studios theme park, known as Disney Springs, in Orlando, Florida.

It will also feature a Disney Springs attraction.

A new theme theme park was announced in the United Kingdom.

The new theme Park in France will be the first Disney-owned theme park to open.

The United Kingdom, France, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany have all said they would welcome a Disney-based theme park.

Disney CEO Bob Iger said in a memo to staff last week that the theme parks will be open “for the first time in history.”

Disney said the theme park would feature a “high-tech and immersive environment” that will feature “the most immersive and interactive experiences” in the park’s history.

Disney Tree Houses will feature an indoor-outdoor park, which will include a giant indoor treehouse and an outdoor theme pavilion.

The treehouse will be located on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the pavilion will be built in the shadow of the Hollywood sign.

The company has not yet announced when or where the parks will open.

In addition to the Hollywood theme park and the Hollywood Treehouse, Disney has been planning a Disney Tree House film in China for several years.

Disney has long said that it would build a theme park on the property, but it never made the project official.

The first Treehouse film, Disney Springs: The Movie, was released in 2010.

It starred Kevin Hart, Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence, and Michelle Williams.