Disney’s Disney Treehouse Villas near me get a makeover

Disney is planning to make more of its villas in a new neighborhood near the theme parks.

The theme parks and theme parks theme parks are currently using the old “Tower of Dreams” location in Hollywood for the Walt Disney World Resort and Disney Springs, the company announced Tuesday.

The company is putting the new, more urban area, known as Westgate Village, in the “Westgate” neighborhood, which includes the Disney World resort and the Disney Springs hotel.

Disney plans to open new Westgate Villas in 2019.

The new Westgates are expected to be completed by 2019, according to a Disney spokesman.

Westgate Village is located in the Hollywood Hills, just south of the Westgate Hotel and across from Universal Studios Hollywood.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Culver City is the theme park’s most popular theme park destination.

Disney is also building a new version of its Hollywood Studios, located at the Hollywood Village Resort in Culm, Calif.

The company has already announced plans to build a new Hollywood Studios at Universal Studios Anaheim.