Florida villas are now listed as luxury properties, with a new owner

The owners of Florida villa rental homes have been granted a new lease on life, and now their property is listed as a luxury property with a $1.2 million sale price.

The sale price was $1,300,000, which was down from the previous $1 million, according to an official press release from the Florida Keys Property Owners Association.

It is also the highest sale price ever for a villa in the country.

The property is located at the resort of LaVista, which has a total of 5,854 villas.

According to the association, the new owner of the property will be responsible for maintaining and maintaining the villas facilities, including the water supply.

“We are extremely pleased that the new owners have been able to bring our villas back to life, as the entire villa and surrounding area was in serious need of repair, rehabilitation and upgrades,” said Tim O’Reilly, the association’s president.

“The villas water system has been in disrepair for some time, and it was only by our efforts that we were able to get the system back up and running.

We are excited to have a new ownership in the villa community, as we know that our members will always have a special place in our hearts.”

The deal was finalized over the weekend.

The previous owners, the property’s current owners, will continue to pay the new lease, which is expected to be for 20 years, O’ Reilly said.

A number of other properties have been listed on the Florida Villas website, including some luxury properties in the Palm Beach area, and some luxury hotels in Miami.