Lucha Vila: ‘I want to come back to Lucha!’

The wrestling star, whose real name is Raul Angel Aguilar, said he wants to go back to the wrestling business.

“I want (to come back),” Aguilar said, adding that he has been told he can be an ambassador for the sport.

“I think that it’s time to bring back the Lucha franchise.”

The Lucha villas in Los Angeles and Las Vegas are the most-watched television shows in Mexico.

The entertainment conglomerate will take over the villas with the help of a $3.5 million gift.

Aguilar, who was born in Monterrey, Mexico, in 1977, is known for his wrestling persona “Carmen” and is the headliner of the Luchador World Series.

He said the company is bringing back the show because he is ready to return to his family and to his home country.

He also said he is willing to be a part of the entertainment.

The Los Angeles-based Lucha Villas, which operates two villas each in the city, said it plans to bring in about 200 people a day, including about 50 people from the United States.

A third villa is also planned.