Villas shoe store on the rise in Buenos Aires

The new villas shoe stores are popping up all over Argentina.

The latest is in Villas, an old military barracks on the edge of Buenos Aires that was a military hospital for the last 40 years.

The store opened this week, with two pairs of trainers for around $300, which is well above the retail price of the trainers, and a selection of new shoes for around the same amount.

The store is also selling new clothing and accessories, including a pair of high-end sneakers.

“The new ones are a lot more expensive,” said Eva Maria Villas-Martinez, a store manager.

“They’re brand new, the leather is new.

It’s not a new shoe, it’s a new coat.

It has the original design, the old coat, but with a new logo, and with a brand new logo,” Villas said.

Her employees are happy with the new arrivals, and they’ve also had a blast selling them.

“It’s been great,” said Isabel Lopez, who works at the store.

“We’re very happy because these are all new shoes.

They look really good, they’re comfortable.

We like to try new things.

It is the first time we have a new pair of shoes, and we love them.”

The store sells trainers for under $200, which are the best trainers for the price.

And, because the store is on the top of a hill, customers can walk in from the nearby neighborhood of Cibolla.

But what is new for the store’s staff is the new staff members.

Villas told Mashable that the shop is adding two more trainers to its staff every week, which will make it more convenient.