Hillary Clinton to leave her New York home, move to Capitol Hill

JESSICA VILLA, NY — Hillary Clinton will leave her home in New York City to move to Washington, D.C., officials announced Thursday.

The move is a significant step in the former first lady’s bid to run for president.

Clinton will begin working from her home on Tuesday, where she will spend the first few weeks of her campaign with her family.

She will continue working from there in Washington.

As of Thursday, Clinton has more than 1,400 staffers, according to the campaign.

She is expected to be officially nominated by President Barack Obama on March 2.

Aides told reporters at her home that the former secretary of state will not be in New Jersey for the duration of the primary.

She will be in Washington on March 6.

It was not immediately clear how long Clinton would remain in the city.

She left in June for her final year as secretary of State.

She also has been a longtime resident of her home state of New York.

She is not the only one leaving for the city in search of political fame.

Aides told CNN earlier this week that former President Bill Clinton is also expected to move this year, though they did not provide further details.