How to make a classic jessica doll from scratch

Make your own jessicas doll with your own materials.

They can be made with any kind of wood or plastic.

You’ll need a piece of wood and a pair of scissors.

Take a piece that is a bit longer than your dolls head.

Cut off one of the pieces and lay it flat on a work surface.

Then cut out a piece for the doll’s ears.

Take another piece and lay that on top of the doll.

Use a glue gun to glue one end to the doll and the other to the scissors.

Use the glue gun and a glue pen to attach the other end to each of the dolls ears.

Make sure the doll fits into the doll box with a little extra room so that they won’t fall out.

If you use cardboard, use a piece from the bottom and glue it to the sides.

If the doll is made from a hard plastic like PVC, you’ll need to add some extra cardboard and glue to the bottom.

Once you’ve made the doll, you can hang it up in your room.

You can also decorate it with stickers and decorations.

For the doll to look authentic, you have to make sure it’s not fake.

It needs to be made from wood or PVC.

You also have to be sure the ears don’t touch the sides of the box.