How to make a tulum room in the comfort of your own home

The Tulum villa is a simple yet incredibly versatile bed and bath, perfect for your holiday, work or leisure.

And now you can build one yourself using a little DIY knowledge.

Read moreThe design has been inspired by a simple but very elegant wooden flooring that comes in a variety of sizes.

It’s a basic wooden floor covering, but the idea is to make it into a beautiful wooden bed or bathroom.

There’s also a simple step by step tutorial that walks you through how to make your own tulum, including instructions on how to paint the wooden floor and decorate it.

We also like to point out that you can make your tulum in a number of different ways, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to highlight some of our favourite ways to make one yourself.

The first thing you’ll need to get going is your wood.

For this project, we used a lot of pine and walnut.

These two types of wood are both sturdy and durable, so you can expect to find these in good condition.

Once you have your wood, you’ll also need to make the bed.

You can either use a mattress, but we chose to use a wooden frame.

If you choose to use an actual wooden frame, make sure you leave some room to add a mattress underneath it.

Next, you need to create a bed frame.

You could either make a frame out of two halves of an existing mattress or make one out of a piece of reclaimed wood.

You’ll need a piece around which to attach the wooden frame to the wall or floor of the tulum.

The wooden frame will then act as the floor, making sure it stays put.

The next step is to decorate your tummy.

We opted to use stained glass and a wooden plate to add some contrast to the room.

The plate will act as a mirror, showing the room to the outside.

The stained glass will also act as some sort of light source, which will create a beautiful contrast between the room and the stained glass.

We didn’t want to leave too much space between the tumblers, so the wood was cut into a circle of roughly the same size as the room, leaving a small gap between them.

Then, we added a couple of wooden strips to fill in the space between them and the wooden plate.

Next we added an extra piece of wood, a piece made of reclaimed walnut, to fill the gap between the wooden tumbler and the plate.

Finally, we made an extra wooden strip to close the gap.

This finished up the top of the bed and tumblrs, but there was more to do.

The tumbelers needed to be secured, so a simple wooden board was used to hold them in place.

To secure them, we attached a metal strap to the wooden board and attached the wooden ends to the metal straps.

Next came the finishing touches.

We used white and blue paint to paint a little bit of white on the wooden plates and the tumbling floor, and then painted some black on the floor and the bottom of the wooden bed.

Finally we added some white paint to the bottom and sides of the wood frame and the base.

We then attached the tumults top, and painted a little white and red paint on the side of the room where we’d put the tums feet.

Then it was time to decorates.

We added a little paint to all the edges of the base of the table, and a small piece of red paint to one corner of the top and bottom of each tumbluer.

We also added a white, blue and red tumblin, as well as a little black and red painting on the tummy itself.

And here’s what you’ve got!

A beautifully finished wooden tumulus!

We love how this bed looks!

It’s quite simple and easy to assemble, and there’s plenty of room for your tumbles to hang from the table.