Mexican drug lord’s ranch, home to his family, seized by authorities

Mexican drug cartel leader Ville Platte, who has ruled the sprawling property for decades, has been taken into custody in Mexico and has been charged with racketeering.

His son and other family members were also taken into police custody Wednesday, according to the country’s attorney general.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) confirmed the arrest of Ville, who is believed to be hiding in the ranch near the city of Reynosa, in southern Mexico.

The ranch, which is also the headquarters for Ville’s family business, is known as the Villas del Pueblo de la Grande Tenebra.

The Los Angeles Times reported the arrest on Wednesday, citing an anonymous source.

Mexico’s attorney General’s office declined to comment on the case, saying in a statement that it could not confirm or deny the allegations.

A DEA spokesman said the agency was aware of the arrest.

“The United States has not yet been able to confirm the veracity of this story,” the DEA said in a press release.

Ville was arrested at the ranch on Monday, authorities said.

He has a large number of weapons, including guns and knives.

In 2016, the DEA seized Ville from the Villamores family’s home and forced them to leave their compound, the Los Angeles Daily News reported.

Authorities also seized his nephews’ vehicle, which was found near the site of the raid.

The raid took place at a time when Ville controlled large swaths of territory in the country, according the Daily News.

He was also suspected of overseeing a network of tunnels that led to a cartel-controlled area in the central state of Veracruz.