‘The Getty’ Villa: ‘We’re not racist’

The Getty is a sprawling two-story luxury property on the southern coast of Ireland, located in the city of Cork, with the title “The Getter”.

It was the largest residential property in the country when it was built in 1882, and it remains the only residential property on this list with a roof top garden.

Located on the shores of Lake Meath, the property is currently undergoing renovations.

In addition to its villas, The Getter is also home to luxury hotels, luxury homes, and a boutique hotel.

According to a report by the Irish Times, the villa is the “perfectly sized and proportioned” and that it is “in excellent condition”.

The villa has been owned by the family since its creation, and was sold to the estate of late Irish pop star and Irish singer-songwriter Lola Ó Mhealg.

The property was originally built for the wealthy, but has since expanded to include a “small house” for “people who don’t need to be at the top of the food chain”.

The house is the largest in the villas collection and has a private beach and spa on the property, which also features a spa.

The house was designed by British architect John Henry, and built by the architect Peter Houghton.

The home is a “uniquely structured and elegant home”, according to the Getty’s website, which describes it as “a luxury living and relaxation centre” which “features a central, spacious, spacious kitchen, sitting room and outdoor deck.”

The villas house is currently being renovated, and will likely be completed by 2021.

The villages top-floor garden is said to have a “large variety of flowers and herbs”, and was designed to “provide the perfect space for the family and friends to enjoy the beautiful views of the sea, and to have the opportunity to admire their garden from a unique vantage point.”

It is said that the home’s gardens have “a natural beauty that is unsurpassed”, with “natural terraces, a large water pool, and natural stone steps leading to the gardens.”

In the summer months, the Getter receives some of the warmest weather in Ireland, and is a popular destination for those looking for a “dining out” experience.

It has been listed for sale for nearly €2 million ($2.5 million), and the sale has been confirmed by the property’s listing agent, the National Estate Agents.

The estate agency has also confirmed that the villager has two children and plans to raise money through a GoFundMe campaign to purchase a swimming pool and a tennis court for the villagemates children.

The getty is the latest addition to the Irish luxury property market, as several other properties on this year’s list are expected to be purchased.

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