UK to be forced to build a £400 million country club to accommodate players in England

The UK will be forced by Brexit to build its own country club for footballers to live and play, according to a report from the Government.

The Government will be given a new £400m grant to design a £100m facility for football in the capital, with the aim of expanding its capacity in the next two years.

The move follows a call from the Football Association to build new stadiums in London, Liverpool and Manchester for football and other sports.

The government has yet to finalise a detailed plan for how to fund the £400million facility, but will announce a plan to open a £1bn facility at St Andrew’s, near Southampton, as early as this month.

The scheme will be funded by an international development fund set up in 2021 by the Government to help build the infrastructure needed for international sport.

The England squad will be playing in the UK from 2020.

The news comes as the Football League and Premier League continue to explore their futures after a long period of instability.

The Premier League has struggled to sustain the growth it saw in the mid-2000s, which had been fuelled by Premier League clubs investing in stadium developments and building new stadiums, and the FA’s plans for a new stadium in the North East.

The Football League, the biggest football league in the world, has been the target of criticism from fans for its failure to provide enough financial support for its players.

It was the FA who proposed building a new football stadium in England and its owners, the Premier League, were criticised for their failure to act.

The FA said the Premier Leagues funding plans would allow them to invest in the future.

But a separate report from MPs, published on Thursday, said the funding would not be sufficient to help the Premier league maintain its competitive advantage.