What the vampiric mansion in La Costa villa will be like once it is sold

The vampirus mansion in the villa fords of La Costaró villas has become a subject of discussion after the local government announced the sale of it to a company that plans to build a hotel and other properties in the area.

In a press release, the local mayor said the property was worth “several million euros” ($1.5 million) and will be used for “private housing, a cinema and other projects”.

The city has been in the process of planning and building a new housing development in the nearby area of La Carrera.

However, the development has faced opposition from residents of La Ferrara, who have long complained of the construction being too expensive.

In July, the city’s planning and construction committee rejected a request by the owner of the property, the developer of the villa ford, to develop the property for housing.

The city has since agreed to sell the villas to a private developer.

La Costa, the municipality of 11,000 inhabitants in northern Italy, has a population of more than 6,000.

The villas at the site, which has been listed for sale for “the value of several million euros”, will have three bedrooms and two baths.

It is estimated that the villabes will be worth around 6 million euros, according to La Finanza.

The local council has already said it would not be possible to sell or rent the property to a foreign company, and would instead give the land to the local community.

The development plans to create a new community centre, a spa and restaurants in the property.

It has also been announced that a “villa and spa ford” will be built on the site.

The villas have been built on a small plot of land, which was recently sold by the city for 1.8 million euros.