When it comes to a presidential visit, you can count on a few things: hotel villas and other villas for you

The president is visiting the island nation of Aruba on his first foreign trip, and his plans to take a vacation in a luxury resort aren’t the only thing to make for a good vacation.

As he makes his first visit to the Caribbean nation since taking office, the Trump Organization is also planning to put on a massive, luxury villa on the island for guests to rent out to families, the Hill reported.

“If it were not for the fact that we have a president who has taken a vacation, we wouldn’t have a resort,” Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski told The Hill.

“The resort is one of the things that we think will be very important in terms of building his legacy in the United States.”

Trump is also expected to make stops in St. Lucia and the Dominican Republic on his itinerary, which could mean a trip to the islands is a possibility.

While it’s unclear how many guests would be expected to pay to rent the luxury villas to guests, the resort’s president, the Villas of St. Augustine, Florida, told The Washington Post last week that “the Trump Organization has made plans to rent these villas out for private use.”

Trump and his family are reportedly looking for ways to bring the resort closer to the White House, and they’ve hired a number of consultants to explore potential locations for the resort.

The resort has been used for many presidential visits in recent years, including in 2012, when the first family visited, with President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama staying at the villas.

The president also took the family to a beach in St Croix and another on the east coast.

The villas also reportedly featured on the “Trump Vans” commercial in which President Donald Trump was shown driving a golf cart through the Caribbean island.

“I think this is a great time for a trip like this because it gives him a chance to spend time with his family, but also give them the opportunity to be with his staff and his guests, and it allows us to get them up to speed on the current political climate,” Lewandowski said.

Trump will be making his first trip to Aruba since taking over the presidency in January, and the president is expected to be in the country for several days before returning to the United Kingdom.