Which of these are the most expensive villas in Dubai?

In this article, we look at the top five villas for sale in Dubai, including some that are on the priciest end of the spectrum.

They are:A villa on the 1st floor of the Al Maktoum shopping mall in the heart of Dubai.

It is a $20,000 home, but you can live in it for $17,000.

It is located in the very heart of the city, just outside the busy city centre.

It has a balcony overlooking the city’s most famous street, the Al Khafji Bridge, which connects the eastern and western wings of the hotel.

The property was originally built in 1925, and the current owner, who moved to the city from England in 2015, was given a $5 million bill for the purchase.

It was only recently that he sold the property for the bargain price.

A beautiful house in the city center.

This is a three-bedroom home in the trendy neighborhood of Makkah.

It comes with a swimming pool and gymnasium.

The price is $8 million.

The property has a gym and swimming pool, and it is located on a prime spot.

The residence is just across the street from the Al Masjid Mosque.

It also has a pool.

A villas on the 2nd floor of a luxury hotel in the Al Jumeirah shopping center.

It costs $18,000 per night.

It’s located in a high-end shopping mall, which is a nice touch for the area.

It was a three bedroom, two bathroom villa, originally built by a German businessman in 1920.

It came with a pool, spa and gym.

The owners gave it a $10 million bill in 2013, and bought it in 2015 for $16 million.

It had a beautiful garden and was well-loved by the locals.

It’s a four-bedroom, two bath, two-and-a-half bathroom villas located in central Dubai.

The owner gave it the $10,000 bill in 2017 for $22,000 a night.

The villas have a large garden, and a swimming pond.

The four-story villas are located in Dubai’s most expensive residential district.

They cost $23,000, which includes an extra $3,000 for the water and electricity.

It features an ocean view, and is located at the heart and back of the Grand Al Makkum shopping mall.

This villa in the Grand Hotel is on the 3rd floor.

It contains a spa and an outdoor swimming pool.

The home is a 4-bedroom house that costs $22 million.

The home in front of the Royal Palace in Dubai.

The $22-million-plus home in central, upscale, luxury Dubai.

This home in Jumeirs upscale Dubai shopping mall is one of the most sought-after properties in the country.

It sits on the top floor of one of Dubai’s top shopping malls.

It includes a 4,500-square-foot home with an outdoor pool, pool, gym and tennis courts.

It offers a stunning view of the world.

The three-floor home costs $27 million.

Another home in Dubai with a private pool, tennis court and pool.

It comes with both a 4 and 4.5-foot pools, and two separate bedrooms.

The four-floor house costs $33 million.

An impressive four-level villa located in one of Al Makts most fashionable neighborhoods.

It costs $32 million to purchase a villa that can seat 5,000 people, and includes a gym, pool and indoor pool.

The 3-bedroom villa is located right across the way from the Royal Hotel, which sits on a corner of the shopping center and the city.

The 5-story, 4-bath home is located next to a shopping mall and has an outdoor spa and pool with an indoor pool for up to 30 people.

It can accommodate up to 2,000 guests.

It cost $37 million to buy the home.

It featured a swimming hole, indoor pool and tennis court.

It only comes with one bedrooms.