Which villas are worth the most?

New villas to look out for in the Maldives: Bali villas in the capital, Bangladesh, and Colombia’s Lagos is a good example of a good new villa to look for. 

The Maldives has a population of about 7 million and has seen a significant growth in the past few years.

The island has seen more people arrive from abroad than in any other country on earth and the demand for housing has been huge. 

However, villas built for wealthy locals are typically quite big, with the average village capacity in Maldives being around 12,000 sq ft. 

For many of the new villas, this is a challenge. 

When we asked the villas themselves whether they were up to the challenge, they were all emphatic. 

“Our goal is to provide high quality housing and to attract the best local families to live in these properties,” said Maldives Planning and Development Department head H.A. R. Vargas.

“We are also trying to attract more foreign investors.” 

In his opinion, the demand for new villae is more about luxury and the need to satisfy the needs of the wealthier and more well-off, while local families are willing to pay a premium for more luxury than the typical home. 

As with many of our blog posts, this one was written with the help of the Villas of Maldives blog, a resource created by a small group of people who have been living on the island for several years.

As a new villager, you are not supposed to be interested in a house built by an overseas investor but you should still be interested. 

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