Why Brockton’s Villas Is Still the Best Place to Live in the Country

Brocktons villas are still the best place to live in the country.

But what if you have a pet?

What if you’re looking for a more upscale experience?

These are some of the questions that are being asked when it comes to a look at the best apartments in Brocktons neighborhood. 

Ville is one of the few apartment complexes to have a lot of single-family homes on the lot.

The two apartments above are just one example of the different types of homes that can be found in this complex.

Villes first and most prominent unit is home to a two-story townhouse, complete with a pool, tennis courts, and a large backyard.

This is the one-bedroom unit in the villa.

In the adjacent two-bedroom apartment, you can find a balcony and a private dining area.

The apartment below has an attached two-car garage and a laundry room.

You’ll also find a kitchen, living room, and bedroom, all within a few blocks of each other.

 The apartment above is the second unit on the same lot.

A two-storey apartment building with two apartment houses, the one above has a rooftop deck.

In this unit, you’ll find a laundry, a private bedroom, a shared kitchen, and the main living area.

There are also three bedrooms and a garage in this unit.

Here are the units below in this block of Brocktown.

As you can see, the two units on the right side of the photo above have much smaller parking spaces than those on the left.

The large backyard is located in the garage, with a large balcony overlooking the pool and poolside.

There are three bedrooms, a kitchen and bedroom on this unit and two more bedrooms and bedrooms in the same unit on that block.

Just outside of the two-family unit on BrockTown’s south side, you will find an apartment building that’s smaller than most.

If you want a smaller unit that will fit within your budget, you may want to try one of these units:A.

An apartment that costs just $250 per month for two bedrooms.

This apartment is only one-family but it does have a rooftop pool and tennis courts.

The unit has a private kitchen and bathroom.

The apartments upstairs are a little larger but they are much less expensive.


An apartment that’s only $350 per month.

This unit is only two-person and features a rooftop garden.

The units are smaller than a typical apartment, but they have a large garden, a large deck with a swimming pool, and more bedrooms than most units.


A two-room, $250/month unit that’s less than a third of an average apartment and features an apartment kitchen.


Another $250-per-month unit with two bedrooms and shared kitchens, plus a separate private bedroom.


One of the more affordable apartments in the area that offers a larger unit with a rooftop patio and a pool.

This is a two bedroom unit that is only $250 a month.


Two-bedroom, $300/month apartment with one bedroom, shared kitchen and a balcony overlooking a pool with tennis courts for only $100 a month and a walk-in closet.


Two-bedroom with two-bathrooms, $500/month, and three-bedroom one-bathroom apartment for $600/month.


Three-bedroom two-bedroom, three-bath, $800/month for four-bedroom or six-bedroom.


Four-bedroom three-bed, four-bath or six bed, $1,200/month each for four or six bedroom units. 

This unit was built by an immigrant family from India.


This unit was originally a one-room unit with just a bathroom and a small living area but was renovated and remodeled for a five-bedroom four-unit complex. 

There are many more apartments that have similar amenities and cost significantly less than the villas.

For more information on Brokton, check out the city’s blog at http://cityofbrokton.com/blogs/blog-site/broktons-villas-hotel-hotels-and-grocery-stores/