Why the Indian Express is wrong on India’s latest terror attack

By Anna Raghavan”This is the third major terror attack in a week in India’s capital, Delhi.

The first attack on a train station in April killed 29 people, including five police officers.

The second, a car-ramming rampage in May left four people dead and more than 40 injured.

The third attack took place on July 7, in which three men, aged between 17 and 27, rammed a bus into a crowded market, injuring 13 people.

It was one of the deadliest attacks on India in years.

A senior police officer told the newspaper that the attack was in response to the recent protests against India’s decision to leave the Paris Agreement on climate change, and the recent crackdown on dissent.”

These are hardened terrorists.””

These are not ordinary people who have nothing to do with this.

These are hardened terrorists.”

The Indian Express article in The Hindu: The death toll from India’s terror attack rises to 31 on Saturday as protests in Delhi and elsewhere hit a peakThe Indian Mail: Demonstrators wave placards as they gather outside a government office in New Delhi on Saturday