“What’s the point of owning a villa if you can’t even get to the store?”

A recent survey of over 20,000 Americans by the National Review found that a majority of owners of villas valued at $3 million or more are not doing so because of their ability to find decent rent, or because they want to save money on utilities.

This has been true for nearly three decades, the National Report found.

According to the report, the number of American families that are able to afford a decent apartment has dropped by almost 20% since 1989, when the housing market was more competitive.

But the rental housing market has gotten worse since then, according to the National Study.

As a result, the average American family is paying about $1,300 per month for rent, which has tripled since 2000.

While a typical apartment in New York City will rent for about $2,500 a month, the median American family spends $5,000 annually on rent, according the National Survey.

This, coupled with rising property values and the fact that the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is nearly twice as high as the national average, has led many families to rent apartments with very little or no access to the outside world.

Even in the most expensive neighborhoods, many families can’t afford to rent, the study found.

The problem is especially acute in the Bay Area, where rents have skyrocketed by 40% since 2000, according an analysis by the Center for American Progress.

The study found that the average cost of living in San Francisco increased from $9,800 to $18,000 over the same period.

This is the same Bay Area that has the second-highest rent prices in the country, according for example to a report from the Real Estate Board of San Francisco.

In Los Angeles, the city’s rent is nearly 30% higher than the national median.

The same is true in San Diego, where the average rent is more than 40% higher.

And in San Jose, the cost of rent is over 100% higher per square foot than in the San Francisco area.

In New York, the Bay is considered the “bustle of the nation,” where the number one spot for the average home price is in Brooklyn.

The New York Post reported in August that the real median rent in the New York metropolitan area is $2.7 million, more than double the national income.

This means that a family earning $50,000 in a Brooklyn apartment could expect to pay $7,000 a month in rent, an increase of over $1.5 million.

The cost of housing in the United States is a serious concern, the Center reported.

The National Survey of American Family Structure found that 30% of American family households have been able to find stable, low-cost housing.

Of these households, 26% of parents and 18% of siblings and parents live in a home with a roof over their heads, according.

Many families are struggling to make ends meet.

The median family income in New Jersey is just over $40,000, the report found.

Only 4% of families are paying more than $40 a month for their housing.

The national median household income is $52,700.

While many families are able and willing to pay more, the rental market for rental housing is very expensive for many families.

Many landlords are charging $300 or more per square-foot for a two-bedroom unit, according a study from the National Institute of Housing and Urban Development.

And many landlords are refusing to rent to families that can’t pay more than 20% of their income on rent.

The rent-poverty rate in New Mexico is nearly 50%, according to data from the Department of Housing & Urban Development, which was released earlier this year.

Many New Mexican families are in extreme financial hardship.

The state is the most affordable state in the nation for rent in terms of rent, but the state also has the highest rental vacancy rate in the entire country, at 9.3%.

As of 2016, New Mexico’s rental vacancy is more on the high side than that of any other state in America, according data from Apartment List.

Many homeowners are having difficulty finding tenants who want to live in their home.

The rate of people renting in New Orleans is the highest in the U.S., the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported in July.

The city’s rental housing vacancy rate is close to 70%.

A recent study by the American Housing Federation found that renters in the city of New Orleans are being priced out of a neighborhood with few options, according Bloomberg.

This trend has been particularly pronounced in the South and Midwest.

In a recent study from The Washington Post, the percentage of renters in Chicago that were renters who were able to pay 20% or more of their rent on a mortgage was almost double in the region, at 19%.

The median household monthly rent in Detroit, Michigan is $1