Why Disney should put a shoe in shoes

A shoe that goes everywhere: that’s how it’s been since the 1950s, when Disney introduced its first sneakers.

And it’s still going strong, thanks to the footwear of some of the world’s top designers.

But now, it’s getting a new generation of shoes: sneakers that will go everywhere.

The theme park company has announced a major redesign of its parks and resorts that will introduce the world to a new, higher-quality range of shoes, a move that’s meant to make the iconic brands even more appealing to consumers.

In a conference call with investors and analysts, Disney CEO Bob Iger said the company is “making some significant changes to our footwear inventory in a very significant way.”

The first shoe of the new range is the Air Jordan 3, which will launch later this year and come with a “world-class leather upper.”

The Air Jordan 2 is slated to debut later this fall, while the Air Zoom 3 is scheduled to arrive in late 2017.

Iger also confirmed that a sneaker made exclusively for the new Air Jordan line will be available to purchase in stores, though it will be limited to a limited number of stores.

“We are putting in place a system to help us optimize inventory and make sure that we get the best product that we can in the most effective way,” Iger told analysts.

“We want to make sure there’s nothing that’s not going to work for everyone.”

While Iger didn’t specify the number of sneakers being rolled out for the line, a spokesperson for the company said the sneakers will be produced in high-end materials, which “can only be found in high quality, high-quality shoes.”

“It will be our greatest privilege to serve our guests with a shoe that represents the brand,” Igers said.

“The shoe that will make them feel at home is going to be an iconic and unique piece of footwear that’s going to give them the most comfort and luxury they have ever experienced.”

The Air Jordan 1 was one of the first sneakers to arrive on the market.

While it’s no longer available, Iger indicated that he has “an amazing relationship with [the company’s] Jordan Brand” and said the sneaker is a key part of the brand’s brand identity.

“Jordan Brand’s goal is to be the ultimate premium shoe brand and we think we have a great relationship with Jordan Brand,” Ige said.

“The Jordan Brand shoes are the best in the world, and I think they’re going to continue to be a high-performing shoe brand, and the sneakers are going to get a new coat of paint to do it in.”

In the meantime, Igers and the other executives at the company are taking a new approach to the launch of the sneakers.

Disney said that the new footwear will be released in “multiple markets” during the next 12 months.

In addition to the US, Jordan’s other countries will see a range of sneakers, from Japan to France.

Igers also said that his team is working with other major brands to offer sneakers that have a “premium look” and are “premier” than what is currently available.

“As we launch more sneakers, we’ll also be working with Jordan to continue expanding our shoes offering to include the highest quality shoes we have to offer,” Igs told analysts on the call.

“So I think this will be an exciting time to see how this all plays out.”

The new Air Zoom sneakers will also come with “extra features and materials” that will “give them the best fit and performance.”

Iger declined to say which features or materials will be added, but he said the shoes will “be in the premium range.”

Igs said the new shoes will include “extra elements that are going up in the materials.”

The shoes will be made in a “different manufacturing process,” he added.

Ig also confirmed “that we have been working with a very strong manufacturing partner to help make sure we have the highest-quality materials that we have in our shoes.”

The sneakers are expected to sell for between $300 and $400, though Iger says they will eventually go for $1,000.