Why is this place so beautiful? It’s a shoe store!

Ville Platte, N.Y. — This summer’s sunny days are not just for the tourists, though.

Ville Plats shoe store is a place where everyone from the locals to the tourists can find something to wear.

Located in the heart of the village, Ville Pltte offers everything from casual, minimalist sneakers to stylish, premium shoes.

Vailer, the store’s owner, said he has had people come in from all over the world and ask him for their shoe size.

“A lot of people are trying to find their size because they’re tired of the same size shoe they had before,” he said.

“I tell them, I have two sizes.

I have to be able to get your size, so you’re going to have to go find the size.”

If you need a new pair of shoes, Vailers store has you covered.

He said he also has shoe sizes available in other sizes, as well.

“People ask for the same sizes, but there are a lot of sizes out there that we don’t sell,” he explained.

“The shoes are handmade and they’re handcrafted and made in the US.

I like to have them in stock and make sure they’re fresh.

They’re handmade so they’re not broken in.

We’ve got new shoes on the shelves every day.”